Subutâ! (Welcome!)

Bonâ Bannobrogi (meaning “the Bonâ Bannobrogi (meaning “the village, or groundwork of the mountain district”) is a Gaulish custom with emphasis on the Pyrenees Mountains as its focal point.

It is intended to be a modern interpretation of common interest religious practice that one might have found along the Pyrenees 2000 years ago. For these purposes, Bonâ Bannobrogi does look comparatively at other ancient cultures to try to determine what aspects would have been important to a Gaulish person then, and now. However, it does not seek to obstruct any unique cultural practices that may continue in European cultures today, and does not purport to be pan-European in any way. For more information, click here.

Quick Update!

Hi all – Lucotillâ here. I’ve been having some on-going health issues since February 2022. Nothing threatening – I’m just extremely tired, to the point where once I sit down after work, I’m falling asleep most of the time. It doesn’t matter how much I slept the night before. My biology is just currently always inclined to fall asleep. I’m working through figuring things out with doctors, but until technology makes it so one can read and write in their sleep, it might be very quiet around here. Much love to all reading this.