Îuoi (Holidays)

DISCLAIMER: While historical context and comparative study of other ancient cultures informs the work of Bonâ Bannobrogi, the interpretation presented by Bonâ Bannobrogi is a modern construction, and does not represent, speak for, or intend to portray the specifics of existing religious belief as being pan-European in any way. For more information, click here. Thank you.

Introduction to our Îuoi

The Îuoi of Bonâ Bannobrogi are situated around seasonal cycles that follow our tenets of Amman Messous and Amman Tancî, contextualized so that regardless of where one is, they can connect these tenets to their local spaces and personal practice.

These seasonal cycles center around the movement honoring the transhumance of ancient peoples of the Pyrenees, and climatology-based seasonal changes, and are not wholly derived from any extant historical or currently existing holiday cycle, including but not limited to: the Coligny Calendar Îuos clusters, Basque festivals and celebrations, or other ancient cultures holidays.

However, some individual Îuos do derive inspiration from unique cultural celebrations attested in recent history or continuing today within the Pyrenees. Where applicable, these Îuos note on their individual pages where these inspirations were discovered and seeks to attest them fully to their sources.

Timing of Îuoi

Some dates presented have strong ties to continuing cultural celebrations recently historically attested or still occurring in the Pyrenees today. These days will remain associated with their Gregorian dates. However, timing localization to your regional seasonal cycles is encouraged, and some general dates or seasonal cues are also suggested that may fit certain regions better.

For a great explanation of the Coligny Calendar, check out Bessus Nouiogalation’s write-up here. Here in Bonâ Bannobrogi, we subscribe to the summer start to the calendar. You can also check out the Coligny Calendar app we use here.

Finally, on the following pages are brief summaries of intended Îuoi for Bonâ Bannobrogi. As the first few years of our custom progresses, articles will be written exploring each Îuoi in more depth, including suggestions for celebrating each Îuoi.

For Îuoi Amman Messous, click here.

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